Feelings Flips

Feelings Flips is a vibrant and engaging double sided flip book that allows children to identify different emotions and what are the positive actions they can take when they begin to experience them. With 14 different emotions, children can use one side identify how characters may look when they embody an emotion and they can use the other side to get tips and inspiration of what to do when feeling that emotion. Feeling flips is a fantastic tool for children at home or school when they have difficulty expressing or dealing with their emotions. The tabs around the edge of the flipbook make it quick and easy for children to go directly to a specific emotion when they are in need. Ages 4+.

Key Features :

Contains 14 different emotions including: Happy, Angry, Excited, Hungry, Tired, Surprised, Bored, Scared, Anxious, Confused, Sick, Sad, Lonely and EmbarrassedDouble-sided flipbook with an emotion on one side and positive actions on the other sideIncludes engaging character images to help children understand and recognize what different emotions may look likeA useful tool to help children express and deal with their current emotionsTabs on the flipbook make it quick and easy for a child to access what positive actions they should take when feeling that emotion

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