(12 Pk) Supershapes Colorful Sparkle 400 Per Pk Stars

Shiny little stars, enduring classics for all ages. Perfect for Incentive Pads and Charts, notes, stationery, and artwork. Endless possibilities. Acid free, nontoxic, and safe for use on photos. Each pack includes 400 stickers in 7 colors (blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink). Sold as 12 packs for a total of 4800 stickers.

Key Features :

Classic chart-sized sparkly stars communicate accomplishment and praise.Great for homework, incentive pads and charts, invitations and party favors.Acid-free, nontoxic, and photo-safe.7 designs; 4 sheets; 400 stickers per pack. Sold as 12 packs, 4800 stickers total.7/16" diameter.

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