Classpack Tangrams In 6 Colors Brights

Invented in China, the tangram is a 7-piece square puzzle that has challenged learners of all ages for over one thousand years. What do you get when you cross this classic puzzle with a strikingly fresh color palette? Simply, Brights! : teaching tools you can trust, in colors they'll embrace. Tangrams Classpack includes 210 shaped pieces—enough to make 30 tangrams—including small, medium, and large triangles, squares, and parallelograms, all in 6 vibrant colors. Perfect for engaging the entire class in learning play involving shape identification, comparison and composition, symmetry, and more. Your classroom will never look the same! Includes: 60 small triangles, 30 medium triangles, 60 large triangles, 30 squares, 30 parallelograms, storage bucket, and activity guide.

Key Features :

Engage the class in early geometry activities with these brightly colored manipulativesExcellent for ages 5 and up

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