Fun-to-know Puzzlesshapes

Everybody loves a challenge! Help children build confidence and achieve success with fun 2-piece puzzles that hone their skills at their own pace. Only matching pieces fit together, so kids can learn by trial and error. Challenge learners to match everyday objects with their shape equivalents. Photos for real-life learning. Durable, 3" x 3" pieces. Sturdy storage box. 20 two-piece puzzles. 40 pieces. For ages 3 and up.

Key Features :

Discover 10 basic shapes and match them to familiar everyday objects.Only matching pieces fit together. Words and shapes on puzzle-piece backs as another way to match.Durable, 3" x 3" pieces. Sturdy storage box. Photos for real-life learning.20 two-piece puzzles. 40 pieces. Ages 3 & up.

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