Hero Magnets Big Push Pin Magnets

High-powered rare earth magnets are completely encased in plastic. No worries if they end up in little hands (no small parts)! Great for whiteboards, filing cabinets, fridges and more. Over-sized mean they're easy to grab and hard to lose! Each holds up to 10 pieces of copy paper! Designed to be safe for children, so they are strong but won't pinch little fingers! Each magnet measures 0.8"H x 1.3"D. Set of 6 (clear, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple).

Key Features :

Super safe and super strong--designed for use in the classroom or a children's environment!Each magnet can hold up to 10 pieces of copy paper.These chunky magnets are great for small hands.Strong, durable magnets that wont pinch children.

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