Lap Board 9 X 12 Lined White Surface 1 Sided

Pre-printed lines offer a great work place to practice penmanship, sentence writing and more. Durable masonite lap boards are 9" x 12" and can be used with all dry erase markers. An environment friendly way to learn, as you just write, wipe off and re-use with no waste.

Key Features :

Durable masonite lapboards are strong enough to withstand even the roughest of usersSafety first! With rounded edges there are no sharp edges to be scratched or poked withBright melamine finish on each board with red and blue lines makes sure all your sentences are easier to viewBudget wise! These individual dry erase boards are great for all classroomsEnvironment friendly way to learn, just write and wipe off! Keep re-using with no waste9" x 12", 1-Sided Lined White Board

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