See & Stamp Lc Alph Stamps

Grades Pre-K and up. These high quality transparent stamps actually let you see where you're stamping for unparalleled results! Each transparent stamp set comes with easy-to-grip handles that are perfectly sized for little hands. Children can stamp alphabet and number sequences, words, sentences and math equations. Each set comes in a durable plastic case for storage. 5/8" Letters and Numbers EI-1472 Lowercase Alphabet EI-1473 Uppercase Alphabet EI-1474 Numbers & Math Symbols EI-1475 Alphabet & Numbers Set (set of all 3 above) Jumbo 1" Letters and Numbers EI-1645 Jumbo Lowercase Alphabet EI-1646 Jumbo Uppercase Alphabet EI-1647 Jumbo Numbers & Math Symbols EI-1648 Jumbo Alphabet & Numbers Set (set of all 3 above)

Key Features :

Perfect for little handsStamp letters, words, and build sentencesSee where you are stamping with these transparent stampsHelps children manipulate with easy- grip handles

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