Stars Calendar Bbs School Girl Style

Help students stay up-to-date with months, seasons, and holidays with this eye-catching calendar bulletin board set! The Twinkle Twinkle You're A STAR! Calendar Bulletin Board Set includes these pieces: 1 calendar (23" x 17"), 12 monthly headers (17" x 3.84"), 31 calendar cover-ups (2.2" x 2.2"), 17 special occasion cover-ups (2.2" x 2.2"), 1 days-of-the-week chart (3 overlays - 12.1" x 16.48"), 1 season chart (9.98" x 12.8") with 4 season overlays (8.89" x 2.88"), 10 weather overlays (3.65" x 1.32"), 3 hearts (2.45" x 2.8"), and 8 stars (largest 3.74" x 3.77" smallest 2.47" x 2.36"). This set helps students keep track of weather. The Schoolgirl Style™ line of contemporary classroom accessories takes the guesswork out of styling, managing, and perfecting classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that transforms empty spaces into extraordinary environments for students to enjoy.

Key Features :

The 91-piece Stars Calendar bulletin board set provides everything you need to create a display that helps students stay up-to-date with days, months, seasons, holidays, and more.Complete classroom management solution for decorating and showing off your sense of styleManage classroom morning meetings with this stylish bulletin board setUse pieces of the bulletin board set to teach time and weather concepts

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