Volcano Lava Lab

Learn valuable STEM lessons with this reactive science kit, which has everything included in one box. Children aged 8+ will experiment with lava bombs, eruptions, fizzing mineral pools and gas demonstrations! Volcano Lava Lab contains 16 components including ingredients in resealable containers, a detailed instruction and education booklet, laboratory tools, safety equipment and workbench to contain the volcanic activities. Kit includes 1 sodium bicarbonate powder, 1 wash base, 1 citric acid, 1 wild food dye in dripper- red, 1 pipette, 1 spoon, 1 craft sticks, (1) 30ml beaker, 1 pair of gloves, 1 vacform - volcano Island, 1 vacform- mini volcano island, 1 goggles, 1 indicator paper 8 strips, 1 tweezer, 1 white paper, 1 wild food dyes in dripper- yellow and 1 instruction booklet.

Key Features :

WILD! ScienceTM is the new STEM-ready, student-proven range of science kits that teach as well as entertain!The STEM science kit will also introduce kids to universal principles such as safety, accurate measurements and observation.Children will be fascinated by lava bombs, eruptions, fizzing mineral pools and gas demonstrations! Budding scientists can use the workbench included to complete experiments at home, school or during other center activities.All containers are resealable for later use and easy clean-up.

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